Al Mathews is a talented fellow. He’s a building contractor and a potter, and during the summer months, Kathy, an interior designer, runs the tasting room while Al heads up to Bristol Bay, Alaska, to work the commercial salmon fisheries.

“It was my extreme good luck to find Kathy in Wenatchee, and it is a happy circumstance that she hasn’t run me off yet.  She is the foundation upon which this operation runs.  She is spectacularly talented as a horticulturist, and an interior decorator, both talents being featured boldly in her year round gardens, and uniquely designed buildings.  She has the vision to create our evolving space, and the talent to decorate and finish it in an incomparable manner, so that it is truly her gift for all to see. “

Their passion, though, is for growing grapes and making wine.

Kathy and Al, and a few good friends do all the work, and they are both in the tasting room, and on the grounds most every day, as this is truly a labor of love, and a (working) vacation every day for them.

“We look forward to seeing you, and sharing the beauty with which we are so profusely blessed. “

Al and Kathy Mathews

Cathy and Allen Mathews, Winemaker and Owner