Malaga Springs Winery came about as the result of some happy circumstances, historical cataclysms and just plain good luck.  The virgin soils, which form the backbone of the winemaking enterprise, were deposited as a result of the glacial Lake Missoula floods near the end of the last ice age. 

Their unique nature, both mineralogically and how they hold moisture, is part of the key to why our grapes produce such dark, complex and balanced reds, and luscious, floral and fruity whites.  The spectacular basalt cliffs that literally form our back fence also perform a double function; they are solar collectors during the day and heating during the night and early morning hours.  They also underlie the deposited soils, so that the grapes roots penetrate and surround this terrific source of minerality. 

Malaga Springs Winery History

The happy circumstance of Kathy and me finding this site, as well as learning that the area got its name from grapes planted in the late 1800’s as the railroad was being constructed to Seattle, was another stroke of luck.  We were lucky again to have found, after a long search, what we believe to be grape plants from the original stock.  The owners have let us take cuttings, and we are attempting to start a small vineyard from these cuttings, with the aim of producing what would have been the local wine years ago.

 In 2010 we opened our tasting room, and as people have discovered us, our traffic through it has increased as has the production from the grapes, as they mature and come into full bearing.

Our sustainable straw bale buildings, as well as our farming styles are well suited to the natural environment, with all the wildflowers and critters still at home in the mostly undisturbed valley grasses.

In 2010, we opened our new and dedicated tasting room to handle the increased visitation, and also to give us more flexibility with large groups and events. As in all our buildings and grounds, Kathy’s design skills and artistic sensibilities have created beautiful and unique spaces that speak to our vision of and love for the natural world.