The Malaga Springs Winery Wine Club spring 2017 distribution will start on March 11, and go through the weekend of March 25.  We will feature a barrel tasting the weekend of the 18th, just to see what the wines ready for bottling are doing.  Spring is a little late this year, but spring is pushing hard, the sun is strong, and there's lots of water for the grapes when they get around to thawing out and growing.  Bottling is coming up soon, and this year will soon start painting its own palette for the 2017 vintage.  Hope to see you soon.  Kathy and Al

The tasting room will open for the spring on Saturday, February 4, Sunday the 5th, and after that, our regular tasting hours will resume.....Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, noon to 5pm.

     The weekends of Feb 4 and Feb 11 will be part of an extended Valentines Day celebration.  Red Wine and Chocolate will convene the weekend of the 11th, with Valentines Day being on Tuesday.  We will feature handmade artisan chocolates by Ann Goblet, and Cori Yeager's Black Zinfandel cookies....cookies to violate laws for.  We will be partnering with Martin-Scott Winery, and Beaumont Cellars for the weekend, and will do our best to insure a great experience for all.  We look forward to seeing sweethearts of all ages during the early spring weekends. 

January, 2017.  The winery tasting room will be closed for about a month to regular tasting.  We will open for groups,  by appointment, and we will remain open for wine purchase.  Be sure to call so we can have your order ready when you arrive.  We will reopen on our regular tasting schedule the weekend before Valentines Day.  As in years past, we will have a fun event in conjunction with our partner wineries;  Martin-Scott Winery, and Beaumont Cellars.  Happy New Year to everyone.  Kathy and I are very fortunate to receive the level of support we have enjoyed from our customers and friends.  We are forever in your debt.  Thank You All.


Malaga Springs Winery – Bold, unfiltered and powerful beauty

I’ve never tasted nostalgia until I sipped on Al’s clear, clean, yet unfiltered and unrelentingly bright Sauvignon Blanc. Grown with the water from a deep well that sips from the basalt aquifer below Jump Off Ridge, which is the same water that fed a lake I grew up doing back-flips into, the unique minerality and bold fruitiness of his wine collection stands as some of the most delicious, concentrated, and unique wines I’ve tasted. The wine I want to drink is not only delicious by objective standards, but is like art–it pulls a feeling out from the depths of our emotional experience and connects us with something bigger. And Kathy and Al are zen masters at getting to the heart of feeling. Go do a tasting, if the 14 wine tasting doesn’t make you feel something, they certainly will.

With this one taste, I understood that our bias, our experience, and our love of nature and our families is what makes wine taste great. It can chemically look like the right wine, but if it can’t connect you to something greater, it is just tasty alcohol. Wine should connect us back to the people and places we love and help us grow new connections and community. Kathy and Al know that so well, from the insanely ornamental landscape of their winery (thanks to the green-thumbed-Kathy), to the rolling grape fields looking over Wenatchee, to the community of vagabonds that call Malaga Springs their local pub; every inch of land and milliliter of wine at Malaga Springs has authentic intention and care in it. Something I hope to taste and be a part of for a very long time.

My top three wines on his list now are:

Sauvignon Blanc 2012: Sunshine, flint, and fruit

2010 Sangiovese and the Sangiovese Rose: Truly unique, no-one in Washington is doing this grape better than Al

2010 Syrah and 2010 Reserve Syrah: This grape simply fits the landscape and the reserve will explode your taste buds

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